.about leather. ™ was created in 2018 because I like minimalist, quality, local and timeless fashion.

.I like fashion, which has been part of the wardrobe for several years and is not subjected to fashion dictation. fashion that defines you.

.sustainability in the fashion industry is a fundamental value to me, so I think well-made fashion accessories, from verified sources makes sense.

.all designs are copyrighted work.

.products .about leather. are made in the Prague, in studio at Letná.

.each handmade product is made with respect and love for the craft, thus original.

.I  work with high-quality leather from Italy, specifically from Tuscany. this leather is a secondary product of the meat industry and is tanned, with natural ingredients approved by the EU, which means that they are not dangerous to health and are environmentally friendly .

.leather is a natural material of animal origin. therefore, it has its typical properties that are notproduct defects- wrinkles, scars, pigment spots - with respect to the environment I try to use as much leather as possible, with the condition that it does not interfere with the aesthetics and functionality of the product. 

.leather withtime becomes softer, more malleable, and develops a patina, or color change. intensive use of leatherproducts without proper care may weaken or damage it.. care for leather - I recommend using a preparation for leather products containing beeswax,or an impregnating waterproof spray.

.thank you very much for supporting the local designers.

.Barbora Musilová.