.be sinful. 2021.

The face of the campaign is Klára Issová, who for me radiates a fragile doe and at the same time a very attractive woman.

behind the name of the limited edition .be sinful. ... the elegant handbags and kidney bags made of black shiny "croco" leather, decorated with silver wrought crosses by jeweler Veronika Ďuricová aka Dick Wolf. Sinful character .be sinful. is based on the theme of this year's Designblok, which is passion.

The .collection will be on display for the first time at Designblok from 7 to 11 October 2021 in the Gabriel Loci space.

The limited edition collection is made to order.

.collection spring | summer 2020.

The faces of the new campaign for the .simplicity collection are my friends Jenovéfa Boková and Eliška Křenková, who have been supporting me since the very beginning, when .about leather. in this scale was just a dream.

The photos were taken by my unique Lucie Vysloužilová, make-up by Ketrin Kostolecká, thanks to DOX Prague for the location.

Limited edition. till sold out.

.the croco. | .be chic.

.limited edition '19.

I created .the croco. collection for women who want to wear original fashion, who are not afraid to go out of line, but at the same time maintain a minimalist, classic wardrobe that is not subject to current, short-term trends. .iconic bottle green - cowhide with imitation crocodile - wrapped in lacquer.

Limited edition. until sold out.

.simple - the best. | .fw'19|20.

The .simple - the best. collection captures minimalism, clean, straight cut combined with practicality and perfect functionality of all products.

.world photos by Lucie Vysloužilová.